Day 2 Getting used to..

hello peeps,

you thot i wudnt be back rite? u r wrong although i thot so too…but i am back! not becoz i have juicy stuff to say but my ego just wudnt let me sleep without making this entry…..

Today i went to my new office, submitted som docs and stuff and tomorrow is my official first day…although yet to make new frnds 😦

but i do have my flatmates 🙂 they are nice and young..i am saying young coz one of them mistook me for a fresher and was kind of telling me how IT work life and all can be…till I told her i have 5 yrs experience 😛 Poor girl was shocked!

so did some shopping today , bought a saucepan..hoping to do some worthwhile cooking soon! yes ..soonnnnn……….

tc,gudnite, cya tomm….much love!!!!!!!

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