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New girl has arrived!

Yes the most weirdest thing I could possibly do is this- To start a blog about the dilemmas in my life 🙁

So like how they say in IT companies, let me set the context-

I moved to Kochi !!!!(and imagine me saying this in the same way that kid in Karate Kid said- ‘WE MOVED TO CHINA!!!’)

Yes so i got a new job and decided to move bag and baggage to Kochi. Oh and i was in Maharashtra before this for 3 years and Trivandrum before that for 2 years…so basically the thing is that i am not new to Kerala because i am a mallu! but i am new to Kochi! Hence came my brilliant idea to start a blog about the adventures(read ‘Trials and Tribulations’) I would face in this new city.

So Day 1,just moved in to a 3bhk and now staying with other stranger girls! Well they are technically in other rooms and thankfully i have no roommate YET.So i am enjoying this limited freedom till whenever I have it.So today has been busy, cleaned the room,set the bed, cleaned the cupboards, cleaned the bathroom and arranged somewhat although all the clothes are still in suitcases, simply no energy to arrange them..very very sleepy…but YA i tuk time to write this blog entry cause it was some silly determination in me to start it TODAY ITSELF!

Tomorrow is my first day at work, so new girl joins new office! Wait to hear from me tomm!Much love!

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